Israel Hurtado

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    Sacred Visionary Work

    Israel carries energy that will help bring the world to the next level during this current spiritual transformation of the planet. He is a pioneer for change. His mission in this life time is to carry humanities' consciousness to the future with his progressive thoughts.

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    Transfiguration and Crystal Skull Compassion

    Israel Hurtado doing transfiguration

  • Another Way of Thinking

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    Do you feel stuck, without direction?
    Do you feel like you want to move forward?
    Do you want to find your true passion?
    Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing has work?

    I invite you to contact me and together we will find the joy, clarity and direction you want. There is no reason to struggle anymore!

    You can change the perception of your own reality. It is not all about manifestation; it’s about being a co-creator.

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